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src::MMapArea::MMapArea Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A MindMapArea Widget.  A blank canvas with a collection of child thoughts.\
   It is responsible for processing signals and such from the whole area and \
   passing these on to the correct child.  It also informs things when to draw

Definition at line 76 of file MMapArea.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def begin_editing
def button_down
def button_release
def claim_unending_link
def connect_link
def copy_clipboard
def create_link
def create_new_thought
def create_popup_menu
def cut_clipboard
def delete_link
def delete_selected_elements
def delete_thought
def draw
def export
def expose
def find_object_at
def find_related_thought
def finish_editing
def finish_loading
def get_max_area
def get_selection_bounds
def global_key_handler
def hookup_im_context
def invalidate
def key_press
def key_release
def link_menu_cb
def load_link
def load_thought
def load_thyself
def make_primary
def motion
def paste_clipboard
def popup_menu_key
def prepare_save
def realize_cb
def regain_focus_cb
def save_thyself
def scroll
def select_link
def select_thought
def set_background_color
def set_bold
def set_cursor
def set_font
def set_foreground_color
def set_italics
def set_mode
def set_mouse_cursor_cb
def set_underline
def text_selection_cb
def thoughts_are_linked
def title_changed_cb
def transform_coords
def undo_create_cb
def undo_deletion
def undo_joint_cb
def undo_link_action
def undo_move
def undo_transform_cb
def unselect_all
def untransform_coords
def update_attr_cb
def update_links_cb
def update_view

Public Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple __gsignals__

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